Come on hands up you might as well admit it, who’s ever thought we’re Age UK or Age UK Lancashire; we know some of you have….

Let’s put this to rest once and for all, it’s a case of mistaken identity guv’nor! Age Concern is absolutely, categorically, undeniably and without question NOT part of the Age UK brand!

Ever got Rupert Grint or Ed Sheeran, Daniel Radcliffe or Elijah Wood or Bert and Ernie mixed up? Well it’s the same deal, similar on the surface but completely different in reality.

In fact we’re chuffed to mint balls to be a local and fully independent charity and the masters of our own destiny.

We are Age Concern!

Potted History

Cue the music…
A long time ago in a location not too far away, well Preston and South Ribble to be exact, the ‘older’ generation needed help! Pursued by sinister forces trying to deny their benefits and faced with a galactic sized void of fun things to do, it was clear that help was needed and fast…

At that precise moment, in 1981, a glimmer appeared from the darkness and an ally was born! Like a beacon of light, Age Concern emerged from the shadows and through its fleet of services and legions of staff and volunteers the charity valiantly defended older people from the dark side who would otherwise seek to leave them in the cold and feeling isolated and lonely…

An eternity later, 14,600 days and counting, Age Concerns’ force is stronger than ever and it now roams the whole county in search of people and allies in need.

Yet one thing is clear…
Like an intelligent life form Age Concern has continued to evolve and now supports people aged 18 years and over to live well and age well…

Finally; hope is being restored to the galaxy otherwise known as Lancashire!

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What makes us tick

At Age Concern we’ve nailed our colours to the mast so people know what to expect from the get go.
Some people call them values but to us it’s simply what makes us tick;
It’s quite straight forward really, well easy to say but not easy to do!
• We always put you at the centre of everything we do. You’re our number one priority our rocket fuel that make us fly.
• We will bust a gut, leave no stone unturned and go the extra mile to make a positive difference to you.
• We will treat you equally and fairly.
• Actions speak louder than words and we take responsibility for our performance in everything we do.

Our Personality 

As the saying goes; we’re many things to many people but we’ve selected the following words used by the folk we support and our workforce (the ones who do stuff) to give a flavour of our personality;
• Creative
• Quality - from top to toe
• Professional
• Friendly and fun
• Accessible
• Inclusive
• Agile
• Responsive
• Down to earth/straight talking
• Honest and trustworthy
• Innovative

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