Dementia Services

There’s no doubt the thought of dementia can be scary and like thousands of people you’ve possibly worried about the symptoms.

Well if that sounds familiar you’ve come to the right place.  At Age Concern we’re known for our pioneering dementia services and our professional pre and post diagnosis support. That’s before and after to you and me… If you or someone you know is concerned about memory loss or other signs of dementia such as changes in speech, thoughts, feelings or behaviour there is somewhere to turn.

At Age Concern we operate in local communities by providing information, practical assistance and emotional support amongst a range of other interventions and within our day care settings we emphasise focused activity, social interaction and help maintaining daily living skills through a wide-range of therapeutic activity programmes.

Whilst dementia isn’t a natural part of ageing and as yet has no cure, Age Concern does not accept that people diagnosed cannot have fun, laugh, reminisce and look forward with positivity whilst being supported to remain independent and to lead active and fulfilled lives.

Contact Dementia Services on 01772 620 876 or click the link below.
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