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Family Estate Planning

Let’s be honest; we don’t want the government or estranged family members getting their grubby paws on our dosh but guess what..? With good planning your assets can be protected, they can be passed on to the people you want and if that’s not enough, you can avoid inheritance tax!

Here’s the rub…. do you know that will writing is not regulated and that con artists and complete novices can provide advice without any prior knowledge or experience! It’s sad but true.

If you’re amongst the 60% of British people who don’t have a will or need your current will reviewed then don’t hit the panic button!

Age Concern has partnered with McClure Solicitors to provide a free will preparation service for people just like you. The good folk at McClure have been doing this for a living since 1853 and specialise in asset protection, estate and inheritance planning.

Wills usually cost anywhere between £150 to £240 yet McClure prepare your will free of charge and in return you can consider making a donation to Age Concern to help keep us afloat. As the saying goes ‘every little helps’ and the donations we receive make a huge difference to the charity.

McClure can also help with lasting powers of attorney, family protection trusts and inheritance tax. To find out more click link

Further information is also available within the Legal Services
Leaflet.  To find out more click link

Flowers to Funerals

We’ve partnered with Advant-age an enterprise for social good to offer people reputable and ethically sourced products. So if you need a stairlift or personal alarm, funeral plan or flowers then we’ve got you covered! To find out more Then click link

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